It’s all about me!

Well, of course it won’t be ALL about me, but it will be me. A place to call my own and muse about what’s on my mind, whether that be my boy, the news or just how my latest foray into baking or knitting has gone or anything else that may come up.

Will I really have time to blog? Probably not. In the time it has taken me to get my blog set up and type a post Big Mck has paraded Little Mck in front of me saying “Is Mummy still sitting on the floor with her laptop?” and then proceeded to practice crawling with him directly outside the room, which involves much encouragement on Big Mck’s part and much squawking on Mini Mck’s. However, I am determined to try and am actually feeling quite excited about ordering my thoughts into some kind of coherent form, even if I do turn out to be the only one reading it!
I hope to give the page a bit of a facelift, however I’m not the most tecchy of people so that may take a little time. However, the most important thing for now is that I have started so welcome to my blog.

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