A three day old rusk, a piece of carpet, cat food, cushion beads, a dust bunny and a leaf…..

These are not items used for a memory game, involving a tray and a blindfold but items that I have removed from my son’s mouth this week. Mini Mck is on the move. I wouldn’t describe it as crawling, imagine a soldier completing a highly demanding assault course, dragging themselves under a net, covering a mud pool and that will give you the perfect visual of Mini Mck’s preferred method of getting around. As he is 9 months today I knew that mobility was next on the agenda but the speed in which he has gone from staying where I left him to being able to get to a completely different room is incredible and only matched by the actual speed that he moves. Of course it is lovely to see him gaining some independence and being less frustrated with his world but it brings a whole new range of challenges that I just don’t seem prepared for.

As with virtually every stage of his development I have been caught out and have come bottom in the class in The Baby Group in terms of ‘babyproofing’. A term which Big Mck hates and has banned! Whilst the others have printed checklists from the internet and have already moved most items from reach, covered plugs and installed gates and fences, I have yet to even make the floor stress free and have a vague idea that I want a gate for the landing but have not managed to choose the right one let along buy it and install it.
So, because of this my days are currently spent chasing around the house trying to get stuff out of the way before he gets to it or tempt him in another direction, which is futile as he knows what he wants and is damn well going to get there. The temporary barricade of cushions fooled him for about 15 minutes as his desire to pick up the cat bowls of water was just too strong and he is currently outwitting me at every turn.
The question I am asking myself is “How much ‘babyproofing’ do I want to do?” I don’t want to live in a fortress in which I can’t make lunch without opening various locks, nor do I want to have Mini Mck in sight at all times because I feel that the house is a death trap. A certain amount of teaching him where he can and cannot go and what he can and cannot put in his mouth is a good thing but at his age he may understand what NO! means but he doesn’t understand why and so much crying follows (as I said he is a boy who knows what he wants!)
For now I have decided that a couple of gates and some plug covers will do for us and we’ll see how it goes. The most depressing thing about this whole situation is the realisation that one of the best forms of babyproofing is to keep the place tidy and the floors swept or hoovered. Brilliant – Housework is now a necessity, now that really is something to feel fed up about.

7 thoughts on “A three day old rusk, a piece of carpet, cat food, cushion beads, a dust bunny and a leaf…..

  1. This is such a lovely post, brings back those exciting memories of when my daughter first started crawling then walking. The house was turned upside down in order to move everything out of reach. Hard work, but good fun!Enjoy these next few months, they'll whizz by!!CJ xx

  2. I can't believe how quickly it's gone already. I have a feeling this is how life will be from now on – long days and short years. Thanks for the comment and follow – at this early stage of blogging it's a real thrill to know that someone is reading. mummylimtedxx

  3. Hi Mummy limited. Welcome to blogging. Lovely background by the way! I am so with you on this one. Little Legs started crawling a couple of weeks ago and I am shattered! It is amazing how quick they are and how they can recover the tiniest objects. LL managed to find a sequin in the carpet yesterday. I am not the worlds biggest housework fan but it appears necessity has taken over. Doh. Have become a follower and look forward to reading about your adventures. The blogging community is great and you'll soon feel right at home!

  4. Hi Mummy limited, your post made me laugh! I'm totally torn – can't wait for Mr A and Miss E to start moving around, but I'm dreading it at the same time. Our house is about a million miles from being child-friendly and I'm in serious denial about all the stuff I'm going to have to move out of reach. I reckon it'll be my biggest compromise yet as my house is my passion!

  5. It's quite a weird to look around your home, and see danger from every angle!! It's also quite horrifying what your child will find and ingest in those crawling months. For some reason my daughter just loved eating the flaky, dry skin from red onions, which she would find on the floor after I'd cooked dinner. I was constantly fishing them out of her mouth. The worst thing she tried to eat was a mouthful of emulsion wall paint. Thankfully she was fine, but I was shaking for days afterwards!

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