My Object Meme

I am very excited to have been tagged for a meme by Young Mummy at Young & Younger. It is my first one and is testing my technical skills as well as getting the creative juices flowing, as I need to attach a photo. So, here goes. It is a brilliant idea started by The Dotteral (bringing up charlie), based on the new Radio 4 series telling the history of the world in 100 objects. The idea is to find an object that tells the story of you or your family in some way.

This object doesn’t actually belong to me at the moment but it is in my house so I think it counts and was the most obvious choice for me. Here it is:

It originally belonged to my Dad’s Grandad and is a fairly standard Grandad Chair, except that Great-Grandad cut the legs off to make it smaller. This has always annoyed my Dad slightly but I really like the fact that it is lower as I think it makes it more comfortable and unique. It spent a few years in my house when Dad lived abroad and I would sit in it to read and daydream next to an upstairs window. I became quite fond of it and was disappointed when Dad moved back and wanted to put it in his own house. However, as the arrival on Mini Mck got closer Dad offered the use of the chair to put in the nursery, so that I could use it for night-time feeds.

I made the cushions for it while on maternity leave, from leftover material. It includes our bedroom curtains, the bathroom blind and my favourite inclusion, an old pillow case from the first duvet set that Big Mck and I bought for our first flat together 14 years ago. (I knew being a horder would have benefits one day) It was one of those projects that I thought would take a couple of hours and it actually took me all day just to do one. I remember thinking at the time that it would be a long time before I would again have the luxury of spending an entire day pottering about with patchwork cushions and how right I was.

I don’t think about the history of the chair as I mainly sit in it when trying to get Mini Mck to sleep, so am wondering how long I’ll be in it but I love the fact that so many members of my family have used it. In fact my Dad and Nana could also have been fed or bounced or cuddled on this chair when they were babies.

Thanks to Young Mum for the tag and I am going to tag Crystal Jigsaw and Very bored in Cataluna to share their objects that represent them or their families.


2 thoughts on “My Object Meme

  1. Lovely object – we have a very similar chair in our nursery (well we did have until we had to move the second cot in, and then we ran out of space for it!). And I'm loving those cushions!

  2. Hey, another chair. (You know, that gives me an idea for a whole new meme…) That's a wonderful piece of furniture though, with a great history behind it. Thanks for joining in!

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