The weekend starts here.

My diary as a Stay at Home Mum is fuller than it ever was when I was at work. Or should I say Mini Mck’s diary is full and I am simply the social secretary that arranges the activities and gets him there. We do something nearly every day, swimming on Mondays, gym on Tuesdays, singing at the library on Wednesday and coffee with our baby group on Thursdays (OK, this one is really for me but Mini Mck enjoys catching up with his mates and comparing notes with them.)

However, Friday has become ‘our’ day and whilst I enjoy having things planned the rest of the week it is great to have nothing in particular to do. It is fast becoming my favourite day of the week. We don’t normally see anyone on Fridays and have no groups or classes to attend, so the day is free for us to ‘do our own thing’.

We often end up walking into the city centre to buy some bits and pieces from the market and the butcher and the cheese lady always make a fuss of Mini Mck. Then, he has a nap in the pushchair and I get the luxurious opportunity to have a coffee and of course the compulsory slice of cake and read a book. If I’m lucky I may even get to look in some grown up shops. We might go to the library or come home and play or read or do some baby yoga.

Today, after the market and the library we did something new and it was a great success. We finally visited the local toy library which was excellent. A room full of cupboards stuffed with baby toys, jigsaws, musical instruments, educational toys, sports equipment and all other manner of toys and games. All of which are cleaned by ‘Milton Man’, who was actually a little old man with a bucket and cloth, not a superhero, and lent to children under five for 30p per week. They had a great selection and the staff were helpful and friendly.

Mini Mck was mesmerised and could happily have stayed there all day. In fact, I did consider sneaking out and leaving him behind for a couple of hours but we were the only ones there and I think they may have noticed. We left with a shape sorter and a set of twelve musical instruments to play with for next two weeks for the bargain price of £1.20.

If you’ve never done so I urge you to search out your local toy library and pay them a visit, if only to borrow the noisy, annoying toys rather than having to buy them.

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