My knickers are on backwards and other Mummy Brain incidents

‘Mummy Brain’ ‘Baby Haze’ or ‘Mumnesia’. We’ve all heard the terms to describe the alleged reduction in brain power that afflicts many women in pregnancy and continues throughout their child’s early years. According to a new study, it doesn’t exist or certainly didn’t in the women taking part in this particular study. From my own personal experience I would have say it most certainly does exist. OK, I concede that my brain may not have actually shrunk but a combination of nine months of sleep deprivation and constantly having to think about getting two people dressed, fed, cleaned, entertained and rested has taken it’s toll. (no- I don’t have twins, I mean me and Mini Mck)

Since becoming a Mum I have had to think for a full 2 minutes about what day of the week it is, have returned from a shopping trip to find the keys hanging from the front door, not that it mattered as it was also unlocked and as reminded by Babyrambles, which breast I last used for a feed, even though it may have only been an hour or two ago. Scientists can say what they like – Baby Brain exists.

However, it’s not all bad. Amongst this fog of clunking brain cells I have had some moments of inspiration that I am sure would not have happened before the Mummy gene was implanted in me. (Something I am convinced the Midwife does when dickering around down there). I call these moments my ‘Mummy Inspirations’. They have included putting together an emergency nappy kit to keep in the car, using a make up mirror to keep an eye on Mini Mck when he’s in the baby carrier, whipping up a delicious pasta sauce after smashing a jar of pesto just as the pasta was put in the pan and numerous ways of presenting normal food in a way that Mini Mck can eat as part of our Baby-Led Weaning experience.

Big Mck and I have also become far more efficient in making decisions. No more arguing in B & Homebase in front of the paint colours/shelves/skirting boards trying the decide, not just what to buy for the job in question but the best way to carry out the task. Now we can make a decision we are both happy with in a second and get home for a coffee before nap-time is over.

Becoming a parent means that you look at things differently and with so much going on your brain has to be more efficient and more creative. There’s just not time for anything else.

So, I may not know what day of the week it is and my knickers may occasionally be on backwards but ask me to fashion some emergency gloves for little hands out of the contents of my handbag and I am happy to obilge.

What do you think? Has ‘Mumnesia’ affected you or are you blessed with moments of ‘Mummy (or Daddy) Inspiration’?


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