I just need to iron my pinny…

As I write there is a smell of melted chocolate pervading the house, that is so comforting and luxurious I feel all warm inside. I have a terrible sweet tooth, particularly for cakes and am usually more than happy with the shop bought variety, but there is something particularly satisfying about sitting down with a cup of tea and a cake you have made, especially if you’ve left a clean kitchen behind you.

So, I have been been doing my best impression of a domestic goddess today in order to feed my cake addiction while feeling slightly less guilty about the calories. I have no clue why I should think that the calories in cakes I’ve made don’t count, baking can hardly be described as cardio training.

The melted chocolate is for Delia’s Chocolate Bread & Butter pudding to take to my Mum’s for lunch on Sunday. At the moment it looks far from impressive, hence no photo, as it’s just bread soaking in chocolate sauce, but once it has stood for a couple of days, been baked and smothered in double cream it will be delicious and just the thing for a cold February day.

As well as this I have baked a batch of cupcakes, half for Big Mck’s sister’s birthday and half decorated with a Valentines theme, which I am so proud of I may even enter The Great Cupcake Challenge at englishmum.com, although the competition looks pretty steep!

To me cupcakes are the epitomy of Domestic Goddessness, being easy enough to be whipped up at short notice but a still a challenge to get them light and fluffy. You can really let yourself go with the decoration, they can be iced with bright colours and sweets for children parties, adorned with candles for birthdays of any number, kept plain and simple or dressed up to look all pretting and flouncy when you need real decadence. The best thing about them though is that they taste delicious and Big Mck is not a huge cake fan, which means that I get to eat most of them. Of course not all in one day…..I can usually make them stretch to two!

On that note and with Mini Mck asleep I’m going to pour a lovely cup of tea and sink my teeth into their pink fluffyness. What better way to show myself some love this Valentine’s.

4 thoughts on “I just need to iron my pinny…

  1. You are both too too kind but thanks. I was so chuffed that I put a picture on facebook! YM- if you think these are good you should check out some of the others on englishmum's blog. They are seriously impressive.

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