Prize winning cupcakes

The prospect of all our usual baby related activities not happening due to half term filled me with a little dread. Even though we are not out every hour of the day these things give the week some structure, so I don’t have to think, simply do.

However, we have had a lovely day. Coffee with a friend and her baby girl who is a couple of weeks younger than Mini Mck, followed by a wander round a couple of shops for the Mummies and a crawl around the library for the babies, followed by lunch for us all and a walk home. The day got even better when Big Mck cooked dinner.

To top it all off, (and I admit I am far too excited about this than is sensible for a grown woman) my cupcakes were awarded 2nd place in Englishmum’s Great Valentines Day Cupcake Challenge. I urge you to have a look as there are some fantastic looking cakes, the competition was steep, so this really was the icing on the cake. (see what I did there?) Apparently, the judge, Scrummycupcake, though they looked too good to eat, hence second. I can assure you that even though they were pretty I managed to put that to one side and eat quite a number.

It’s funny how the little things can really make you smile.

4 thoughts on “Prize winning cupcakes

  1. Well done! I've just had a look at the competition and there are lots of talented mummy blogger bakers out there. I'm not one of them sadly. At least I can still eat cupcakes, that's more fun than baking them anyway.

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