Baby-led pancakes

Amazingly and unusually my pancakes came out really well this year. No sticking, very thin and each one was tossed without being ruined. The only problem with them as far as I am concerned is that there were not enough. I have set high standards for the future on Mini Mck’s first experience of pancakes.

I love how Baby-led weaning has forced me to be laid back about the process of introducing solid food. When so much food gets spat out, thrown on the floor, swallowed whole and generally squished in tiny hands until it is unrecognisable, it is impossible to monitor exactly how much and what he is eating and so I have make myself not worry and enjoy the experience. This way of weaning has meant I am much more open about what foods Mini Mck eats, although I am always on the lookout for hidden salt and have become quite obsessed by it. Generally though I offer a wide range of foods and try him with as much ‘normal’ food as I can.

However, even I felt a stab of bad mother guilt when I served pancakes with lemon and sugar for dinner. Let’s face it, I was giving pudding and nothing else! On the other hand, it is the only time of year that I would eat nothing but pudding and it is only once a year.

I had high hopes that Mini Mck would love my wafer thin, successfully tossed pancakes. For a start they are simply fried Yorkshire Puds and he loves those. Secondly I cut them into thick long strips like his favourite pasta, Parpadelle so I was expecting the usual ticker tape machine impression that accompanies long thin food. The first two basically went straight on the floor with a look of disdain that he is far too good at for a 10 month old. I think the lemon juice was just an experiment too far.

As with any food that isn’t going down well I broke out my emergency supplies. If in doubt smear Peanut Butter on the offending morsel and more will go in the mouth and less on the floor. Sure enough Mini Mck changed his opinion of pancakes and scoffed the lot.

I promise he will have some fruit and veg tomorrow and I won’t even take the peanut butter out of the cupboard.

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