The Amazing Giggling Boy

After my last somewhat downbeat post I have been itching to blog about something more positive and uplifting but time has just run away with me. I really am in awe of those bloggers that manage several posts a week with more than one child, especially those with twins. How do they do it?

Anyway, after realising that even though there are some downsides to this Mummy business there is one huge upside; Mini Mck, who’s company I enjoy immensely. Therefore I decided to give you all a small glimpse into his new, active and slightly crazy mind.

He laughs. Alot. It bubbles out of him with such force and energy and when it does it makes my heart skip a beat and my tummy flutter with huge overpowering love.

Things that make my son laugh like a drain:

1) Taking his dummy out and putting it in Mummy’s mouth and then taking it back and putting it in his own again, repeat, repeat, repeat. This illicits a tiny giggle rather than anything more dramatic.

2) The sight of either of the cats, actually not even the sight, just the door opening and him knowing it is one of them prompts his special ‘cat laugh’. I will try to recreate this in words but you will need some imagination. ACGK ACGK ACGK is my best attempt. The cats have to do nothing for this honour, we have to work much harder in order to get any response. If he could just rearrange the ‘c’ and the ‘a’ it could almost be the word, cat.

3) Mummy shouting “Scaaaaaary Mummyyyyyy” in a scary voice through a kitchen roll inner. I have to admit I am slightly concerned that he laughs in the face of ‘Scary Mummy’ as this does not bode well the future when she may need to make an appearance for real.

4) Being held by Mummy while she dances around the house and sings very loudly. Current favourites include ‘Candyman’ by Sammy Davies Jnr, anything by Scouting for Girls and ‘It’s Raining Men’ by The Weather Girls. Although ‘Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun and ‘Five Little Monkeys’ are also popular proving his taste is certainly eclectic.

5) Mummy or Daddy getting on all fours and chasing him while saying “I’m coming to get you”. He giggles and pants at the same time as crawling away as fast as he can, although he stops to look back, every now and again, just to make sure we are still playing

6) By far the funniest thing in his world is to have the bit right inside his armpit tickled or raspberries blown on it, something that Daddy is particularly good at. This results in waggling legs, sharp noisy intakes of breath, snorts, cackles and generally too much excitement.

I am lucky that I get to hear these marvellous noises many times a day. The sound of his laugh is one of the best sounds in the world. I wish I could bottle it.


4 thoughts on “The Amazing Giggling Boy

  1. Giggling babies are the best!Mr A (after a slow start on the smiling front) is definitely King of the Chortles in our house. His laugh is so infectious and his smile fills his entire face. I'm grinning now just thinking about it.Love it, love it, love it!

  2. Here, here to giggling babies! In fact I've got a video of Jasper giggling as I put in and take out his dummy… in fact I might have to post it soon 🙂 Tilly always giggles when you start taking her nappy off as if to say 'ha ha, I know what you're about to find!'

  3. YM- Aaah, he made you earn those giggles and now you are reaping the rewards. It is the best thing isn't it. RebaMc- I see you have posted 'The Giggler'. It is brilliant and it certainly made me giggle. Fantasic. HCM- You are so right. No-more wallowing for me. Thanks for the tag – I have photographed the contents of my bag but the way I'm going expect the post about ummmm… August.

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