Mummy Limited’s Comfort Cafe – Now open.

After a day that had me being given the run-around by the doctors, having a wasted trip to the local walk in clinic and Mini Mck going on sleep strike this afternoon I am in need of some comfort and relaxation. Normally I would have a nice cuddle with MckDaddy but he has just eaten some of my medicinal chocolate and gulped down most of the milk that I’d saved for a cuppa with it so he is hardly the most popular person at ‘Limited Manor’ this evening. So what do I turn to in my hour of need…..

Let me welcome you, then, to Mummy Limited’s Comfort Cafe, especially designed for those of you who need looking after. The cushions have been plumped and the scented candles have been lit. Feel free to choose as many items as you like from the menu in order to renew your spirit, you are guaranteed to leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

MckDaddy’s Vegetable Soup – What can I say, the man is talented. MckDaddy’s home-made soup is brilliant. It takes patience to make a good soup. Slowly and gently making a stock from  leftover Roast Chicken and then, just as slowly, simmering the vegetables and tweeking the seasoning until it’s perfect. At the right time of year he makes this soup with veg from the garden and it tastes even better. Who needs Chicken Soup for the Soul when you can have actual soup.

Cake – I admit it’s not a good idea to use this one every time you need a ‘pick me up’ as your jeans may not forgive you. However, sometimes only cake will do. It has got to be the goodstuff, preferably home-made, although not necessarily in my home. Sponge with icing is always a winner but a loaf cake is sometimes just the thing when you want to feel comforted and it’s more virtuous.

Clean Pyjamas and Bed Sheets – It’s hard to beat that feeling of slipping into clean, crisp sheets that have been hung out on the washing line and put straight on the bed. Add to that your favourite, again freshly washed, most comfortable Pyjamas and you are virtually guaranteed a deep and refreshing sleep. 

The perfect cup of tea – This has got to me my favourite and most used source of revival. Whatever time of day a cup of tea always makes things seem better for me and I’m not even in a soap. I really must insist it is made in a pot,though. Use a teabag if you must, although loose is so much better but, please, still in a pot. Other than that it’s up to you how you like your poison but make sure it is made exactly as you like and in your favourite cup or mug. (Now you understand why I’m so upset with MckDaddy for snaffling the milk!)

An hour of time – Not so easy to come by as the others but what a luxury. One whole hour to do whatever you want. Blog, read, cook, sleep, lay in the bath, shop. Whatever takes your fancy. Oh I could go on and on about how to fill that precious hour. However you decide to fill it make sure it is with something you really enjoy and if you can get the house totally to yourself so as to ensure no interruptions, even better. 

I will be indulging in as many of the above as possible this evening and if you’ve had a stinker of a day I urge you to do the same. We always welcome suggestions at Mummy Limited’s Comfort Cafe and would love to know what you turn to when your spirits need a lift and when you last indulged yourself?

If you haven’t for a while, do so this week – go on, you know you’re worth it.


10 thoughts on “Mummy Limited’s Comfort Cafe – Now open.

  1. Ahh and breathe! Hello lovely how wonderful to be here. Would it be possible for me to make a fine cup of coffee? Um, I'm not from around these parts and still haven't got my head around the tea drinking culture here.

  2. The Madhouse – You can still partake in the clean sheets and PJ's, in fact when you are ill they are a must.BNM – Chocolate also a mustJosies – Do not worry I have a team of fit young men to top up cake and clear any spills so just relaxSnafflesMummy – Plenty for allVegemitevix – Coffee is, of course, allowed. Freshly ground and even espresso with proper crema on top

  3. Ohhhhh cake, or ice cream, or a tart, or a piece of pie, or chocolate… The list goes on, definitely help to lighten my mood. I think i'll have some ice cream now actually. I tried 21 days without and didn't fare so well 😦

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