Is it here? It is, you know, it’s definitely here.

I had my ‘baby napping, time for a sit down’ coffee in the garden today, in fact I’ve been able to do that every day this week. I have also realised that our garden is an absolute tip and needs Spring cleaning and quickly, but that’s not the point. The point is that it really feels as if Spring is here or at least on it’s way. It seems to have been delayed getting here, which I can only assume is due to the wrong kind of snow on the railway lines, but finally Spring type things are happening.

For instance, both Mini Mck and I have been out without a coat this week and in fact today, while out walking, I had to take my jumper off, although I have a sneaky feeling this has to do with my general lack of fitness rather than the weather.

The washing has been able to dry on the line for the first time this year – at last. I refuse to have a tumble dryer but by the time March arrives I am really sick of seeing washing hanging in the house and the sight of the creases literally being blown away is so uplifting. Anything that reduces ironing time has got to be a good thing.

All of these things point to the beginning of Spring but it’s more than just a list of things that I’ve been able to do for the first time. It’s a feeling. The wind suddenly feels warmer on my face and there is a different smell in the air. Fresher, warmer and cleaner. Crocus’ seem to have popped up overnight, of course they haven’t, it is just that I’ve noticed them this week. The trees may still be bare but if you look closely you will see tiny buds covering their branches ready to burst as the days get longer and the ground gets warmer. 

Is it here really, or are we being tricked by a fake spring, only to have the bitter winds and rain return next week. I hope not, it’s the middle of March, surely time to pack away the winter coats and heavy boots.

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love the arrival of Spring? How can you not when it seems the whole world is having a big yawn and a stretch after being asleep for months? Or, if like me it makes you feel all optimistic, what have you been able to do for the first time this week that’s made you feel that there is lighter evenings at the end of the tunnel?


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