Eastenders axed!

Oh, OK not really but how I wish it were so. However, if you are one of those who love your Albert Square fix, couldn’t you survive with one less episode a week. Apparently it costs £150,000 to make one episode and if it were reduced to 3 times a week it would save over £7million. Why do I want to save the BBC £7million? 

It would be enough to save the doomed radio station 6music. In fact £6million would be enough, leaving some change to perhaps have Cbeebies start at 5am instead of 6am. (Yes please, shout all parents with early risers!)

It seems to me that 6music caters for an audience that are largely ignored by the rest of broadcasting, such as people who feel too old to listen to Radio 1 and maybe not old enough for Radio 2 and I can’t find a commercial station that comes anywhere close. Surely Radio 1 listeners could find something to their taste amongst the KISS/Heart group of stations. 

I’m biased as I would pay the licence fee for Radio alone, in fact I would pay it for Radio 4 alone, particularly the comedy. I love radio and have it on for much of the day, it does exactly what the BBC was created for, informs and entertains. It needs protecting in this age of money saving and ratings wars. Do we really want a BBC that only produces things that appeal to the majority? How many great programmes both on TV and radio would we lose if this were the case?

There has been a lot of discussion in the media recently about the BBC’s plans to slim down their operations and it’s no surprise that radio is taking the brunt of these cutbacks. At the same time as this was being reported I happened to hear an excellent Podgram by Stephen Fry on the subject that summed up how difficult these decisions are. He’s pretty biased too, but does make you realise what a minefield it is.

There have been a number of calls for BBC3 to be axed instead but again this causes some issues. It’s not a channel I watch an awful lot and I agree with many of it’s opponants that we could do without the huge amount of awful ‘documentaries’ and lifestyle shows. However, some of the Beeb’s most popular programmes started on BBC3. Little Britain, The Mighty Boosh and Gavin and Stacey all started on this smaller channel.  Would they have been commissioned for the 2 big BBC channels?  Incidentally, The Mighty Boosh and Little Britain actually began their life on Radio 4, yet another tick in the radio camp.

So, you see it’s not easy to decide what should go, as many things have small yet loyal audiences. Which is how I came up with my brilliant plan to axe one episode a week of Eastenders, surely watching nasty miserable people shouting and making each other more miserable could be reduced to a three times a week thing? Please? 

Whether you agree with me or not the BBC Trust want our views before they make a final decision and have an on-line questionnaire to complete you can simply e-mail them with your views, but only until the 25th May. 

If you don’t like my cunning plan let me know what would you get rid of if you were in charge? By the way I don’t think just scrapping Bargain Hunt would be quite enough?!


3 thoughts on “Eastenders axed!

  1. good post! I actually have a guilty confession; I LOVE eastenders. I don't know why I can see that it's total crap, but I just love the mundanity of knowing it'll be on when I've put the kids to bed. That said if it could save 6music then fine, do away with it. I wholeheartedly agree with cebeebies starting at 5am!!

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