The Gallery: Me

Having been so impressed with The Gallery last week at Sticky Fingers I decided that I would have a go this week. The topic was Me and it had me rather stumpted until I had one of those middle of the night lightbulb moments and remembered this picture.

It was taken by MckDaddy last August and was our first camping trip with Mini Mck, only 4 months old at the time. It shows me just being, just thinking. I wanted something that represented me when I am not doing or being anything else. I like that the picture shows things I enjoy, coffee, cake and camping. Mini Mck is there who is clearly a huge part of what makes me these days but I like that he is content doing his own thing and so am I.


19 thoughts on “The Gallery: Me

  1. My only experiences of camping were Girl Guides and D of E (which I gave up on after an unfortunate mapreading incidident which involved us going up the wrong hill.)Not good experiences. However, I've been thinking that it might be fun to try again, what with modern, new fangled tents being available. Yours does not look like it requires any guy ropes or mallets.Plus if camping involves coffee and cake then I'm in!

  2. What a great photo.The MDs have only camped once. It was enough. In typical MD fashion it was a dramatic and eventful 4 days. When I sobbed into Alpha Male's chest that I really needed to go home and God made hotels for a reason we knew we weren't cut out for it. I may try again in a few years when Little One is bigger as I want to like it…..MD xx

  3. You've taken my idea of hell (camping) and made it look more than bearable.. Kudos! (there was plumbing wasn't there? surely you can't be that calm without plumbing!)

  4. Aww what a peaceful holiday! I always invisage the idea of camping with kids as hell and exceptionally busy but looks like you had time to relax! Hwo great 😀

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