As long as there is cake, I’ll cope.

It will be Mini Mck’s 1st birthday in just over two weeks. I don’t think I’m a particularly grumpy person, although MckDaddy would be able to give a more objective view of that. We don’t celebrate Valentines Day and Mothering Sunday and Father’s Day have been fairly low key affairs so far but I do love a birthday. Not just mine, although of course being able to have your own way for a day and getting presents is fabulous, but anyone’s birthday. I love organising a party, buying gifts and baking them a cake. 

However, I am not enthused about my son’s first birthday at all, in fact I am not even looking forward to it. Friends and family have excitedly started asking what we are doing or what they should get him and some of his baby friends already have parties or days out planned by their parents. A friend of mine even whisked both her boys off to EuroDisney for their big day. 

So, what’s up with me? Am I just a big old party pooper? More importantly what the heck are we going to do on the day?

Partly, I think I’m a little sad that this year has gone so quickly. Already my tiny baby is growing up and as much as I’m enjoying all the new things he is doing and this is a fantastically fun age, I am hankering after those days when he was so tiny and delicate. I suspect this is just the beginning and I am destined to spend the rest of my life wondering where the time has gone. 

I also know that with this milestone a whole load of new parenting questions will be asked that will no doubt make me feel insecure about the whole thing. Is he walking yet? Are you still breastfeeding? (with the obligatory raised eyebrow) And, of course the big one, is he sleeping through the night? No, Yes and would I look so bloody knackered if he was, are the answers, in case you were wondering.

It also seems a little ridiculous to me that such fuss is expected for a first birthday. He won’t even know what a birthday is. He won’t be able to blow the candle out, or get excited that I’ve made him a cake and will be just as happy if people gave him wrapping paper alone, rather than wrap anything up in it. 

I remembered this morning that I felt very similar last year when in the final weeks of my pregnancy. Everyone around me was so excited and commented regularly on the size and shape of my bump, what sex they thought I was carrying and enquired if anything was happening yet. All I wanted to do was hide away, watch lots of TV, eat cake and talk about anything else but the main event. I guess I was bored of being pregnant and was definitely petrified about giving birth and what would come after. I just wanted to get on with it and not make a big fuss.

Then, he came, Mini Mck arrived on the scene and I did just get on with it and loved it and have loved it, for the most part, for the whole of the last twelve months. So, maybe when the day comes I will enjoy it and I will look forward to the next year and future birthdays with my boy, rather than seeing it as the end of something I can never get back. 

Even so, that doesn’t answer the question of what we are going to do. It needs to be something low key, but something that we are all going to enjoy and that will keep the rest of the tribe happy. Any suggestions? 


3 thoughts on “As long as there is cake, I’ll cope.

  1. Hi there, first of all here's a big virtual hug. Better? Good. Now here's what we did. We invited friends and family and I made cakes and got drunk. All the friends and family looked after her and we had alot of fun. She hadn't got a clue what was going on though, so it was more for us than her. She wasn't crawling then and any questions I got about that or other 'development' things I just said 'yes she is a bit behind and I'm really upset about so please don't ask me those things as you will upset me'. it wasn't true but made shortwork of 'do gooders' I can tell you. xx

  2. I remember this time well, do you know that this year is the first year I have baked a cake. 1st Birthdays are for everyone else, rather than the baby!I would just have a small family tea

  3. It's a Mummy's Life – Thank you I feel so much better now. Alcohol sounds like a plan. I feel it is a time for me to celebrate as a year before I was doing some pretty hard work!The Madhouse – I was thinking a little birthday tea and MckDaddy is off work so I guess we'll just have a quiet day at home.

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