Pure Joy

I expected hard work. I expected to love him totally and unconditionally. I expected it to be tough sometimes. I expected to be more tired than I could imagine. I expected it to be amazing. 

I was totally unprepared for how utterly, fantastically joyful these last twelve months were going to be. 

I had never sang and danced around my kitchen before breakfast. I had never crawled around on my hands and knees growling and giggling. I had never laughed at the tiniest detail of a person over and over again. 

I have now. 

Today my boy turns one. I hope that he continues to be filled with as much joy as he has found in the last year and that he continues to give joy to others with his infectious love for life. 

This picture was taken today and seems to sum up ‘Joy’, because, really, is their anything more joyful than bubbles on your birthday. 

Happy Birthday my joyful boy xx


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