The Portrait Gallery

I didn’t think I would have time to enter The Gallery this week as I have a friend staying but she has gone back to bed and Mini Mck has also done a very strange thing and gone back to sleep. 

The theme this week is Portraits and I planned to enter a photo of myself, MckDaddy or even one of the cats. Unfortunately after looking at the existing files on my laptop they are mostly of Mini Mck, something which I promise to rectify. Forgive me, we have just had his first year and let’s face it he is a cutie. 

I’ve ended up going for two photos for different reasons.

The first may be familiar as it is from the same batch of photos that I use at the top of Mummy Limited and also for my avatar on Google and Twitter. I’ve included it so you can see it in full and also because I took it and love the photo. To be honest MckDad is the photographer in this family so when I get a great shot I am always so pleased. It was taken in August in our garden, Mini Mck was four months old. It was in the days when he couldn’t wiggle off when you were trying to take his photo!

The next photo was taken at around the same time by MckDad and is more of a traditional portrait. I love that Mini Mck and I are both looking into the camera although it is natural looking at the same time. It reminds me of a gorgeous sunny day just hanging out in the garden.

I promise no cute photos of my son next week, unless the theme is ‘cute picture of your children’!


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