Closer to home

Tara’s challenge to us this week in The Gallery was to share a secret and showcase the hidden bits of the world we live in. There are some amazing pictures and words showing far flung corners of the world that have had me yearning for a holiday all afternoon. 

Sadly those turquoise waters and white sands are going to have to wait a few years for us and so I’ve decided to stay closer to home with my entry. In fact I’ve chosen to show you some of my favourite places in Norwich, my home city, which as a whole seems to me a bit of a hidden gem. 

It is a city, but a pretty small one and my lovely Northern Manchester friend is convinced it shouldn’t be called a city at all. 

We have lovely shops, a worse than average but very friendly football club, a beautiful cathedral and a Norman castle and lots of pretty alleys, lanes and streets. So, why are we a bit hidden? Basically it’s a bit difficult to get here. No motorway brings you into the centre you’re not likely to pass us on the way to somewhere else, unless, perhaps, you are on your way to Holland. 

I took these photos today, on the way back from our baby singing group and they are some of my favourite views on one of my favourite peaceful walks. Hidden away quietly, only minutes from the coffee shops, offices and chain stores. I couldn’t hear any traffic, only the birds and the cathedral bells and we passed only a handful of people. 

These are the hidden parts of a hidden city. 


7 thoughts on “Closer to home

  1. Your pics are lovely! Looking out at my window at the rain pouring I so wish it was sunny like the day you took these. It reminds me a bit of Cirencester which is close to me.

  2. Norwich is a lovely 'city'! I adore it's village-like qualities :-)My only issues with it are:a) Miles from anywhere else in the countryb) Nearest Ikea is somewhere on the M25c) No decent international airportSeriously though, it's one of the best looking cities in the country in my humble opinion.Although I should really take offense at the implication that I live in North Manchester hehe.

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