Sunday Sunday

It’s easy to get drawn into the rat race, even on a Sunday, especially when you live in a city as we do. You pop to the shops for something you need and then browse round some more while you are there, then you fancy a coffee and that dress in the window of H & M looks rather nice and so out comes the credit card. 

Not an unpleasant way to spend a day I grant you, but every time I get drawn into the whole shopping thing on a Sunday I can’t help returning home feeling slightly deflated, as I’ve made Sunday just like any other day and I’m disappointed with myself that I haven’t managed to stay away from consumerism for at least one day. 

Yesterday we spent our day in a much nicer way. Working on the allotment followed by brunch, well I say brunch, it was really English Breakfast with added pancakes and maple syrup. Having time to read the papers and do some knitting while MM had a nap. Pottering around the garden in the afternoon or getting things prepared for the week ahead. No car parks, no queuing, no spending money, no hassles. 

I’m glad I’ve reminded myself over the last few weeks what I want my Sundays to be about. They should be for slowing down, enjoying the company of family and friends, doing things as a family, going for walks, having a picnic. They should be filled with pots of real coffee, roast dinners and afternoon tea. They should also be about having time to get stuff done while we are both here to keep MM occupied and happy, sewing, knitting, gardening, all those things that we just don’t get to do on other six days. There should be a large dose of long baths, good books and a diverting, but not too challenging drama on the tele. 

After that description the phrase ‘A month of Sundays’ is sounding rather attractive.

I’m sure there will be the odd Sunday when we need to go into a shop of some description and every now and again that will be fine but for the most part I am going to make a real effort to make Sundays a family day, a lazy day and a day when we don’t spend ANY money.*

How about you? Do you think Sundays should be different to the rest of the week and how do you spend your day of rest?

*I reserve the right to buy a pint of milk and the Sunday Paper but I promise to walk to the local shop and not go to the supermarket.

This post has been written for the BMB that is being held on Tuesday 11th May by Kelly at A place of my own. Each post must have a song as the title. ‘Sunday Sunday’ was a single by Blur from the album ‘Modern Life is Rubbish’, which incidentally is a brilliant album.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Sunday

  1. All our weekends seem to be taken up with DIY, but I prefer that to trapsing round the shops. I like Sunday to be relaxed and quiet with lots of nice grub!Great choice of song 🙂

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