Yikes! The scales are coming to get me.

A friend once told me that I was one of those women that always wanted to lose about 10lbs and she was right. I’ve never been very overweight but for most of my adult life I could’ve done with losing a few pounds and toning up those flabby bits.

It seems that after having a baby everyone wants to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight and are delighted when they do. However, I wanted to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight minus 2 years, as this was when I was at my slimmest after regularly going to the gym for a number of months. By the time I became pregnant I was about 2 sizes and about a stone and a half bigger.

I only put on a couple of stone while pregnant as I had dreadful morning sickness to start with, high glucose levels for some of my pregnancy and, well lets just say that the last third of my pregnancy gave me another incentive to eat a healthy, high fibre, diet. (I’ll leave you to work out why!). 

Once Mini Mck was born I was in no hurry to get myself into shape and if I’m honest I’ve make no attempt to eat less or exercise more. However, after a few months and despite the copious amounts of cake I consumed I found I could fit into clothes that I had not worn for around three years and was slimmer than I’d been before getting pregnant. 

Recently though I’ve noticed that even though I can still do my slim jeans up there is a bit too much of a muffin top spilling over them lovely jeans and shirts that used to look lovely have a slight pull in the buttons. 

Over the past two months Mini Mck has considerably reduced the amount of breastfeeding he is doing and yet I am eating in the same way and doing little exercise. 

Yesterday I decided it was time to brave the scales and sure enough in the last six months I’ve put on about 10lbs. So, I need a plan, something that can stop this slowly creeping weight gain. I’m not talking about anything drastic and am certainly not using the D.I.E.T word, but I need to do something. 

I’ve never been a huge fan of exercise although when I got into the gym habit I really did start to enjoy it. It was a great stress reliever and I loved being somewhere that no-one could get hold of me and it put some distance between my work day and my home life. Since Mini Mck was born though I’ve not bothered and even when I’ve thought about it I don’t know where I would find the time. I know evenings would be best, but by the time that gets here all I want to do is put my PJ’s on and curl up on the sofa. 

I love food and cooking (and specifically cake!) so am not prepared to dramatically change my eating habits, hence not using the D word. I need a plan.

I have the beginnings of one in my head and I’m hoping that by writing it down here I will be more likely to stick to it. If I’ve blogged it I can’t pretend it doesn’t exist. I am also going to read Cafebebe’s Mummy Tummy Begone series of posts to gain some tips from the experts and hopefully add to my plan.

  • Get an exercise DVD & do it three times a week – the idea behind this is I can do it during the day when Mini Mck is sleeping so don’t have to be baby free to exercise
  • Eat more fruit as snacks – As I said we don’t eat very badly at mealtimes but snacking is where I slip up. It has become habit to eat something with a cuppa and in the evening and I need to either not have it at all or replace it with fruit. 
  • Start having a healthy lunch – Lunch is the one meal that with a bit of effort I could make much more tasty and healthy, replacing sandwiches with salads for a start. 
  • Any cake in the house much be home-made – bear with me on this one, there is a logic. Accept for a moment that I’ll not be giving up cake entirely. If I at least make sure it is home-made then if I can’t be bothered to make it or if I’ve not had time then there won’t be any in the house and therefore I will eat less of it. 
So, that’s the plan so far and now I need your help. Is there anything else you think I should be doing or do you have any great low fat lunch suggestions for me? I’m also keen to hear of any DVD recommendations.  I’ve borrowed Davina’s Super Body Workout from the library for a trial but do you have any better ones?

I’ll keep you posted on getting rid of that pesky 10lbs and let you know once I get there if it’s enough. 

6 thoughts on “Yikes! The scales are coming to get me.

  1. I'll be watching this blog with interest because I'm determined to lose about the same amount of weight. I walk my dogs for an hour or so every day but that's pretty much the only exercise I get. I feel inspired so later on this morning I'm going to put on Kylie's hot pants DVD, jump up and down in my living room for a bit and turn a funny shade of purple….

  2. *hands up* I'm soooo with you on this one! I've got about half a stone to lose which should be easy.. but it's proving to be a v heavy few pounds!! I have a crosstrainer which I love but I've just bought myself the Davina Fit DVD too – so I'll let you know how I get on with that one : )

  3. I sooo relate to your post! I still have about a stone and a half of pregnancy weight to lose (thats not including the stone I had hoped to lose before I fell pregnant but did not!)I also enjoy my cups of tea with a biscuit/cake! The only exercise I get time to do is walking with B in his pushchair or housework and I just cannot shift this last bit! I know its only been 10 months since I had B but I thought by now I would have at least lost a few more pounds (I put on about 3 1/2 stone whilst pregnant). I would be interested to know how you get on as it might then inspire me to get off my arse and work out to a DVD aswell!

  4. It's a me-too from me also. I'm always trying to lose ten pounds or so. It seems so easy to put it on and my 'baby' is 10 now so she's not even a good excuse. I'm getting back out there and pounding the tarceal even though I feel like a heffalump running away from a rhino.

  5. That last 10 pounds has been on and off me a few times since MD number 3 baby was born 2 years ago. Shameful I know. I've bought Hannah Waterman's DVD but have yet to do it as have house full of builders and plumbers (unexpected water based disaster) and can't bear to subject them to me prancing around kitchen. Today I caught sight of myself in window and thought who's the fatty? Apparently, its me.Good luck with it. Sure it will fall off in no time.MD xx

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