The Gallery: No Frills

The subject for The Gallery this week is ‘Self-Portrait’ inspired by the idea that we do not take enough photos of ourselves for our children to look at in years to come. 

Staying with the theme of photos for our children I’ve chosen one of Mini Mck and I together and have been strict with myself this week by choosing only one.

Many fellow bloggers clearly felt uncomfortable with the idea of presenting pictures of themselves on their blog and some struggled to find any, as more often than not when we become parents we are behind the camera, not in front of it. 

A year or two ago I would’ve felt the same and really disliked photos of myself, noticing only those extra few pounds or the bad hair day or clothes that I suddenly realised didn’t suit me. Whilst looking for my choice I realised I no longer feel like that and am far more comfortable with photos of myself.

I still notice the weight, hair, clothes and shocking lack of make up but am struck by how utterly relaxed, content and happy I appear to be. It seems that becoming a mother has allowed some of the tension and harshness fall away from my appearance and in it’s place is a feeling that I’m comfortable with myself and content with my world.

I think this image proves that more than any other as it was taken first thing in the morning, still in bed, before even brushing my hair, let alone thinking about make up. Mini Mck was 4 months old.


19 thoughts on “The Gallery: No Frills

  1. That's so lovely, I think the black and white images really look great on blogs…might have to revert to that myself, lovely to see you x

  2. Just lovely. It's interesting what you say about a change in expression too.I hardly recognise myself in the first photo taken of me and my daughter, just after her birth. I think it's a mixture of adoration and bewilderment on my face!

  3. What a gorgeous photo! And how clearl you ADORE your little one. Lovely! A photo to cherish. He will adore it too when he is older. How his mummy loved him.

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