Finger Food Friday – Fruit Gums

We struggle a little with getting Mini Mck to eat fruit and vegetables. Actually, who am I kidding, we struggle alot. He will eat certain fruit for a few days and then completely go off it, so we then go through the trial and error of discovering something that he will eat. 

So, I was delighted when we found this recipe for fruit gums. It is so easy and they last in an airtight container for weeks so you can do a big batch and keep them for emergencies. We found that Mini Mck would eat these nearly always so a great way of making sure he’s getting some fruit. They are also great for taking out and about, because they are less messy than fresh fruit. 

Dried Fruitgums

from Happy days with the Naked Chef by Jamie Oliver


Dried Fruit ( I used a 250g bag of mixed prunes, pears, apricot and pineapple)

Whizz the dried fruit in a food processor until it forms a smooth paste.  Add a little water if it doesn’t easily form a paste.

Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper and lightly grease it.
Spread the mixture on the paper about 0.5cm thick.

Cook this in a low oven, either 70 degrees centigrade overnight or 160 degrees for a couple of hours. It really depends how moist the fruit is to start with. I cooked this batch for about 5 hours at 70 degrees and just took a bit of the edge to check it was a gummy consistency.
Turn onto a board and peel off the paper.
Cut into shapes either with a cutter or scissors. (I’ve found scissors to be the easiest way)

Give them a try, they are great for babies and toddlers and can be wrapped in bundles in greaseproof paper for lunchboxes.


2 thoughts on “Finger Food Friday – Fruit Gums

  1. I shall be trying these tomorrow. Your finger food friday posts are the highlight of my week! You've actually managed to get me cooking again. Amazing.

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