The day my sanity was saved by some Beautiful Creatures

Mini Mck is generally a pretty laid back, chilled out, happy boy but there are a few things that he really doesn’t like and doesn’t hesitate to make this very clear to me. 

Green vegetables, sleeping in his cot and going in the car seat are probably top of the list and we manage to get around these quite well. I’ve become good at disguising vegetables in pasta sauces, quiches and omelettes and we often resort to the pushchair in the middle of the night, so that we can all get some sleep. However, the only thing that calms him down in the car is a CD of nursery rhymes played very loudly. 

This can be slightly embarrassing when you stop at traffic lights with the window open and quite frankly the CD that we have is driving me bonkers. Firstly it is sung pretty fast by rather annoying shrill children and many of the lyrics have been updated. Apparently these days, Humpty Dumpty gets put back together again and there are 4 verses to Hickory Dickory Dock. Who knew? 

So, I was sceptical, yet excited when Beautiful Creatures offered me an album of ‘parent-friendly’ children’s songs to review. I had no need to be worried. This is a lovely collection of songs, sung and played beautifully.

Beautiful Creatures was formed in South Africa in November 2004 by Alan Glass, Ed Jordan and Paul Choritz who felt there was a need for ‘Parent Friendly’ children’s music. Using the best session musicians, actors and singers in the country, Beautiful Creatures prides itself on being uniquely South African with a positive global message.

There are 10 tracks on the album, 7 of which are energetic and fun songs about different African animal and the last 3 are more relaxing, finishing with the melodic and delightful ‘African Lullaby’. 

The whole album got a big thumbs up from both myself and Mini Mck. The songs about the animals have loads of potential for actions and singing along, which Mini Mck has recently become really keen on doing. Our particular favourite was Lucas the Lazy Lion which involved much roaring and growling. The slower tracks at the end of the album are so relaxing and I’m going to be using them at his bedtime to help me take some deep breaths as much as Mini Mck.

I am no longer embarrassed to have my car window open in this gorgeous sunny weather and more importantly don’t want to throw Mini Mck’s music into a field. Car journeys have become much more serene since we have been introduced to Beautiful Creatures. I would certainly describe these lovely songs as ‘parent-friendly’.

Beautiful Creatures can be downloaded on iTunes and there are seven albums available in total. BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, MORE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES and EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES featuring fun educational songs about African animals. BEAUTIFUL ME, an album dealing with emotional development for

children, tackling issues such as sibling rivalry, anger management, self-confidence and diversity. BEAUTIFUL BEDTIME, songs that take your children through the routine of getting ready for bed. Winding down, bathing, brushing teeth, putting your pyjamas on and story time. BEAUTIFUL CREATURES OF THE SEA, fun sea creature songs that deal with conservation and BEAUTIFUL LULLABIES featuring 10 down tempo songs to get your baby to sleep, which if the last few songs on this album are anything to go by is on the top of my shopping list.

Let yourself be transported to the plains of Africa with these lovely songs.


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