Seeing as Josie decided to do something a little different for the Writing Workshop this week I have decided that I would step out of my comfort zone and do something different as well. She asked that we make up our own prompts based on a selection of single words. I chose ‘Weddings’ 

Tell me about a Wedding from one person’s perspective: It could be from your own perspective or from someone else, a guest, a caterer, the groom, whatever you like. 

She ushered them out of the room, the stylist, the make-up artist, the photographer and the hairdresser. Closing the door firmly, her whole body relaxed as she heard the click of the lock, but only for a fleeting moment. 

She could hear their panicky whispers through the door and heard the dialling of mobile phones as they scurried off to find the editor or the wedding planner. It was natural for a bride to have some doubts, wasn’t it? A minute was all she needed.

She walked over to the mirror and hardly recognised the person staring back. Gone was the harsh girl from the tough background who had worked in chippy’s and nightclubs, replaced by this sophisticated, successful woman.

” He’s telling the truth. He was drunk. It’s a one off that’s been blown wildly out of proportion by the people that are out to get us” 

Suddenly, she realised she was speaking this out loud. She wasn’t sure if that made it more believable. 

Moving to the window to watch the guests on the terrace down below, drinking champagne and nibbling tiny caviar topped blinis, she played ‘Designer Bingo’ to ease her mind a little. They were all there, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander Mcqueen, Stella McCartney and even Vivienne Westwood, although what the starlet that had chosen that outfit was thinking was beyond her. 

The bride, of course, was wearing Vera Wang. A fairytale princess dress, complete with diamond tiara and yards of luxurious silk flowing effortlessly to the ground. She wasn’t stupid though, this wasn’t a fairytale, all these years of clamouring to get to the top had taught her that. 

Now, as she walked back over to the mirror she could really appreciate how fantastic she looked. There was no reason why he would, once again, risk what they had together for a cheap girl with nasty hair and bad skin. He wasn’t perfect, but then who was? He’d had a tiny slip up and she was sure it was going to be a one-off. It must be hard for him, he was young, good-looking and rich, they were bound to try and tempt him. Girls threw themselves at him all the time. 

Not that he had got off easily, far from it. She had been furious, she’d shouted and screamed at him and thrown the very large engagement ring at his face. Eventually though she had forgiven him and so here she was about to get married. 

She glanced at the diamond, now safely back on her finger. It caught the light so perfectly and her mind was transported back to the day that he had given it to her. The pale blue box so full of hope. 

It was her that had to sparkle today and she knew that she could. After all she’d made a career from performing. It was what she did. There were just too many people to let down besides her friends and family. What would the front cover of the magazine say if she didn’t go through with it:

“We promised you 22 pages of the Wedding of the Year,
 but the bride did a bunk. 
So, here’s Christopher Biggins on holiday instead”

There was no other option and anyway these were just last minute nerves, everyone has them, don’t they? It was all going to be fine, it was going to be perfect. 

She breathed in deeply, blinked back the tears, smiled and opened the door. She stepped through it and a bulb flashed.

This post was inspired by the forthcoming Football World Cup.


  1. I am sooooooooo glad Im not famous or married to anyone who's famous!! I always have such sympathy for the men and women who are in the middle of these scandals, even if they're the naughty ones. It must be horrific. This post was a great idea, really showing us the human side of what it all must be like. Good writing, well done!

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