Pants with Names takes over.

Guest Post for Mummylimited
Many thanks to Mummy Limited for handing over her lovely blog to me for the day. I’m very excited to have a chance to participate in the guest post Friday swop, it’s my first one so be gentle with me.

I shall introduce myself. Known as Pants With Names, I am wife to Dave and mother to two rambunctious, energetic scamps, Adam (nearly 5) and Luke (coming up to 3 ½). My two boys are reaching an age when I can start to say that the fug of early motherhood is beginning to clear. They sleep through the night, mostly. They play together and don’t need my constant supervising in order to do so. They eat much of what we do. Adam has just started school and Luke goes to playgroup every morning. I’m just starting to carve out a bit of time for me during the day when I can finish a cup of tea and listen to the silence for 5 straight minutes. Everyone is in a routine that we know and like. There’s lots of playing and jumping and screeching but we all know that there are certain times for that and there are other times to sit quietly and read. We’ve found a nice balance and I’m enjoying it.
Which is why I’m just starting to wonder whether we could be classified as certifiably insane to have decided to go for number 3, due to arrive on Halloween.

I’m not sure I’m ready for it. Back to the sleepless nights. A return to trying to interpret what each different cry means. Descending into the chaos of a newborn and young toddler. And what about all that baby paraphernalia? After all I haven’t seen a nappy in over a year. Our buggy was put into the shed when Luke was 18 months. The cot went the same way shortly after followed by the high chair, the walker and the changing table (I found changing toddler nappies much easier to do on the floor). I’m not sure I’m ready to see all that stuff coming back.
But then again, I quite like the chaos really. The baby gear is just a phase, it can all go back into the shed soon enough. The sleepless nights are also a phase. Before we know it, number 3 will be chasing after his (or her) big brothers and I’ll be thinking ‘it’s all a bit calm round here. Wonder if Dave can be convinced to go for another.’
Emily has just recently moved back to the UK. She used to write the Brits in Bosnia blog but on her return decided it was a bit silly to write about being in Bosnia when they weren’t. So she started a new blog, Pants With Names to chronicle settling back into UK living.

3 thoughts on “Pants with Names takes over.

  1. You might have ended up with four this time round had you conceived twins! Which is something to think about should you ever plan another… Three is fab, promise. Let's hope four is too.

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