Enough already!

The World Cup is starting today. Yes, that’s right, it hasn’t actually started yet. You could be forgiven for thinking that is began weeks ago, as everywhere you turn you will find a reminder.

I don’t actually hate football, as such, but there seems to be a general assumption that everyone loves it and it is all we can think about for the next month. (Is it on for a month? – I’m not even sure)

I am very lucky because although MckDaddy is a football fan and a big one at that, he is a very considerate one. We don’t have Sky TV which seems to have football showing 24/7 and although MckDaddy has a season ticket for our local team, they are thankfully not good enough for the Premiership. He will watch matches that are on ‘normal ‘ television and I am happy to keep out of the way for that. After all I have Twitter to keep me company. So, generally this means we have a bearable amount of football in this house and I don’t see that changing radically for the duration of the tournament.

What does drive me bonkers and make me very grumpy is the hype and consumerism, rather than the actual game. It seems that the main aim of the competition is to sell us a load of stuff that we don’t need and encourage us to spend, spend, spend in the name of patriotism and supporting our ‘boys’. 

So, for the record, I would like to state to the shops of the UK that I won’t be needing any of the following and wouldn’t even if I did watch and love the beautiful game:

  • An inflatable chair with the St George’s Cross on it
  • A pair of socks, a shopping bag, a cap bearing the three lions emblem.
  • England flags, furry dice, plastic hats or any other plastic tat for my car
  • Hot pants and a t-shirt saying “You’ve scored” (you have to see it to believe it- hence the link)
  • A new television
  • An England ice bucket
  • England earrings
  • A new gazebo for my England Party
  • A new BBQ for the same Party
  • Beer (actually I will need beer but not to drink while watching football with ‘the lads’)
This is just a few of the things that I’ve seen marketed as being essential for World Cup viewing and if you look around I’m sure you could add many more to the list. Please share the most obscure one you’ve seen, it truly is amazing how it has been crowbarred into most advertising campaigns.

With all this hype I am hoping that England get knocked out nice and early so that we can be spared all this nonsense, which seems a shame really as surely it would be a good thing for sport if we did well. 

Oh well, what else is on TV for the next few weeks? Oh no! Big Brother, you say? In that case you will find me hiding under a rock, avoiding all newspapers for the next month or on Twitter, being grumpy.

4 thoughts on “Enough already!

  1. I haven't seen anything not on that list, but despite not really liking football, I do find myself watching the England games and I've done a sweepstake at work this year.

  2. Very much in agreement! I do actually hate football and wish they'd ban it! But I get really annoyed with the support for the boys thing – they certainly don't need financial support and that's all they really want.CJ xx

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