Perfectly Matched.

She is a daughter

She arrived in this world and found it all too overwhelming, the sights, sounds and smells crashed in on her, confusing and upsetting her. She needed holding and comforting. Her cry was loud, as she shouted that she was here and needed attention. She needed time and patience before she would be happy to give her smiles to anyone but her Mummy. 

She fights sleep, not wanting to miss a thing and needing to be close to the ones she loves to peacefully rest. She wants to do everything right now and if she can’t then her frustration is clear. The hurdles have continued to vex her and she is still sensitive to all the newness around her. 

She doesn’t give her smiles away easily, but when you take the time to get to know her she is full of personality and is a joy to be around. When she does give you a smile she uses her whole face and it bursts out of her with such force you can no nothing but smile back and feel privileged that she trusts you. 

She is complex. Strong and determined and yet nervous and unsure at times. Full of fun whilst being sensitive at the same time. She is clever and determined. She knows what she wants and how to ask for it. She becomes more confident each day, more able to step away from Mum, happy to be able to explore the world rather than being overwhelmed by it.

She just needed time. 

She is a mother

She is exactly what her daughter needs, completely the right kind of mother for one so sensitive. She gave her the time she needed and has been there for every feed, every night waking and every hurdle to help her little girl though them all. 

When her baby needed to sleep close she put her in a sling so she could feel the warmth of a body. When her tummy hurt she held her, blocking out the screaming and soothing her little girl as best she could. When her daughter insisted on walking, with a hand to hold she bent her back for hours, allowing her to practice.

Her patience is astounding and her calmness amazing. She rarely complains that she is tired or fed up and even when she does it is not really a complaint, merely an acceptance that this is what she needs to do to allow her daughter to be everything she can be. Despite the fact that she has probably had less sleep than anyone in the room, she always has a sympathetic ear for others.

She makes me a better mother, a more patient mother by her example. Through her actions she encourages me to take my lead from my boy and not force things upon him. 

One needed time and nurturing to blossom and the other gave it. They are a perfect match.

This post is dedicated to my lovely friend Hannah, who after much soul searching has returned to work this week and her gorgeous daughter, who has settled so well with her childminder. Something she may not have been able to do if she hadn’t had such a perceptive Mum. It was written as part of Sleep is for the Weak’s fantastic Writing Workshop using the prompt ‘She’. Follow the link to read some brilliant writing.


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