Changing Light

The sky is so full and heavy that it looks pregnant. The light is both dull and luminescent at the same time reflecting beige on the houses ahead. Soon it will be snowing again. First the light will change, becoming grey, any light that was there before will be squeezed out by the density in the clouds. Big, powdery flakes start to fall, covering everything, muting sound and light as the clouds empty their bulk all around.
After its’ winter hibernation the light starts to stretch its’ limbs widely. Pushing away darkness a few minutes at a time, as each day grows longer. It comes in short, fresh bursts, as if not quite at full strength, needing to hide away again in order to save itself for the months to come. It allows only a brief taster of what it can do and how it can lift our spirits and renew our energy. It is diluted in the sky, creating the colour of a duck egg, easing itself away from the winter months ready to show its’ full glory.
It is forceful and sturdy, spreading it bright power onto everything, seeking out every corner to show the contrast of light and shadow. Its’ power forces open every flower and draws every plant toward it as they reach to bask in the light. There are no clouds to hold it back, distort it or soften it. It stays all day and well into the night, fading so gradually that we hardly notice. As the coolness falls, it becomes more subtle. The colours in the sky, on the wall, on the ground become muted tones, until eventually an inky blue replaces the brightness. The colour is rich with flecks of purple like a watery bruise slowing developing on skin.
A whole new palette of colour accompanies the light on its’ final descent to winter. Colour has drained from the trees to leave a hundred shades of brown, orange, red and gold. They reflect and mix together to create a warm light, despite the cool of the evening, the overall effect reminds us of the mushrooms that so fit with this time, pale, earthy and warm. The light is giving us its’ last efforts before it is overtaken by long nights and dull days. We try to squeeze the last of it from each day as it is snatched from us all too quickly.
This post was written for the fabulous Writing Workshop at Sleep is for the Weak. Follow the link for some great writing and support my fellow Workshoppers. 

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