More Fun Than Cybermummy?

While I was having a fabulous time at Cybermummy 2010, drinking coffee, meeting new friends that seemed like old friends, stocking up with freebies and weeping at the Crowdsourced Keynote bloggers, Mini Mck and MckDaddy were doing their own thing. 

They made sure they updated me with texts and photos throughout the day, most of which I ignored as I was busy having fun, but I loved seeing how they were doing without me. As it turns out they were doing just fine. 

Porridge time! The peanut butter and jam omelette didn’t go down so well. (Oh, what a surprise)

Shopping for essential supplies. (Hmmmm)

A nap for Mini Mck and……
…..a break for MckDaddy.

The perfect way to cool down after lunch, apparently.

What happens when you wade into the paddling pool to retrieve a stone that MckDaddy has taken out of your mouth and thrown in there? Well, you get wet and it’s cold, so you cry.

Mini Mck recommends taking a wooden peg into the bath,for chewing on.

Goodnight world. Goodnight Mummy. xx

They look like they had a fabulous time, but I’m still glad I was at Cybermummy. I know they’re looking forward to their next boys day of fun and I can assure them and you that they won’t have to wait another 14 months for it.

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