Cybermummy laughs, Cybermummy cries.

You will no doubt already know that all of Cybermummy 2010 was brilliant. You will either have been there to experience it or have read about it on Twitter or on some of the blogs that you read. 

However, for me, the best part was the Crowdsourced Keynote session at the end of the day, when some brave bloggers read a post that they had previously published on their blog. 

I had been a little sceptical about this session, fearing it may be a dull, but it totally exceeded my expectations. Reading a post at home in front of your computer is powerful enough but hearing it read as they were meant to read in the voice of the writer was incredibly captivating and so powerful. The emotion that they bought to it was incredible. We heard love, anger, humour, pride & sadness flowing from them. 

The atmosphere in the room was supportive and electric and it felt as if we were among friends, able to laugh and cry with no embarrassment. I only wish that those people we meet in our everyday lives who sneer at, or just don’t get the point of blogging, could have been there to witness the fantastic writing that was showcased. 

Without exception all of the bloggers who delivered a post were fantastic and I enjoyed every single one. Some made me laugh, some made me cry and some made me do both. 

Shireen from Bees On Skis, a blog I had never read, summed up what we can learn from our children so perfectly in Tell me what I used to know, a really sweet and touching post that made me think of my little man at home, particularly after his difficult week.

As soon as I realised that Sandy from Baby Baby was reading a post about her Dad I knew that I would need tissues, but as ever her writing not only bought tears to my eyes but a smile as well. She has a video on her blog of her performance so if you weren’t there (or even if you were) please take a look. It was brilliant.

Kelly from A Place of my Own struck so many chords with me in her post, The separate people living under my skin, and when she talked of her son her voice cracked with emotion and love. It was funny and poignant and said so much about the contradictions in us all. 

Hot Cross Mum is famously funny, in fact she’s just won an award for it. She didn’t disappoint but it wasn’t simply funny, again it was wonderfully written, touching and so true. Everybody’s Free (to wear sunscreen): The Ketchup Remix was just lovely. 

I also loved Lulu from Family Affairs and other matters hilarious post about getting back out of the dating scene in your forties, but unfortunately I can’t find it on her blog. It is not a blog I’ve read before.

There were some of my favourites bloggers taking part, such as Muddling Along Mummy, It’s a Mummy’s Life, Modern Dilemma, The Madhouse, New Mummy and Vegemitevix and some that were new to me, such as Mummy’s Busy World and one of my favourite readings from a blog that I’ve never read and didn’t write down. 

The post was about the blogger’s five year old going to school and it was called “My Bucket runneth over” If you know the blog PLEASE leave a comment and let me know so I can add the link here and add the blog to my reader. (Update: Lovely Vonnie from Blotted Copybook has provided me with the link to Not Wrong Just Different – thanks) 

I’ve tried to link to all the actual posts but can’t find some of them so if you were one of the fantastic keynote speakers and you would like to send me the correct link I will add it. Thanks. 


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