This post is written for Sleep is for the Weak’s Writing Workshop. I have chosen prompt #4: What has felt relentless lately.

My brother once said that my house was “scruffy”, he said it to my face, with no apology and in a very matter of fact way. Notice he didn’t say filthy or dirty but scruffy. I was mortified and have never forgotten it, to the extent that his words echo through my head at least twice a week. 

The problem isn’t cleaning as I find that part to be quite satisfying. It is the tidying that I cannot abide and it relentless. Neither Mckdaddy or I are tidy people, so I am not suggesting I spend my time tidying up after him. We are both equally lazy. Add to this an addition to our household who doesn’t know what tidying means and you can imagine that as soon as the house is reasonably organised, it begins it’s descent back into scruffiness. 

We are not good at the little things, such as, taking our empty cups straight to the dishwasher, putting our shoes and bags away, picking up clothes or putting away clean ones. I throw things upstairs that need to be put away, with every intention of doing so and yet they sit at the the top of the stairs for days, begging to be tripped over. 

If I’m honest it does go a little deeper. We always have random ‘piles’ of paper that need dealing with/filing/recycling, so even when we do make the effort to clear things away, there remains a light dusting of scruffiness. Actually, whilst I am not blameless in this particular weakness MckDaddy is far worse and I have been known to simply scoop his pile (mountain) of papers into a carrier bag and put them in a cupboard, after they have been left untouched for say, six months.

I comfort myself that although visitors may have to move something in order to put their cup down, they will always be offered a drink, something home baked and a friendly welcome when they come to my home and I have had many compliments in the past that my home is welcoming and relaxing. 

However, it isn’t really for others that I would like to change the way we treat our home. It is for my own sanity. I am at home much more than when I went out to work and so it is I that has to live amongst the chaos. Also, it is hard enough clearing up Mini Mck things without having to treble the work. An added bonus of a tidy home would be that he could not play with things he shouldn’t have and I would not have to take them away hence reducing his protests. 

Perhaps the most compelling reason to change our ways is the amount of time wasted and frustration felt looking for things I need and cannot find. I would hate to guess how many times I’ve been rushing to leave the house and cannot find my keys/purse/shoes/Mini Mck’s shoes etc etc. Of course we all mislay things occasionally, but how much easier would it be to find them if surfaces were clear (or at least clearer!)

I feel I should post some photos at this point to shame myself into changing, but I absolutely cannot bring myself to do it, so I am just hoping that writing it down is sufficiently shaming to make me change my ways. 

On that note I seem to have a strange urge to load the dishwasher and make my bed. 

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