What I did next….

It turns out that being a Stay at Home Mum is much like any other job. Sometimes you are enthused by your role, hitting your targets and everything going smoothly. You are organised, totally involved and inspired by what you are doing. 

At other times, regardless of how much you know you love your job, you are really just clocking in and out with very little enthusiasm. You spend a bit too much time e-mailing your friends or surfing the internet on company time. You turn up and put the hours in but other than that you are not really ‘there’. 

As I explained here, I have been feeling the latter recently. The TV has been on too much, we have not had our usual activities to keep us busy and I was really just clocking in and out of being a mummy. 

When I had a paid job and things weren’t going well, I would get organised. Plan my day so that I was prepared for anything that it threw at me. Gave some thought to how I was going to tackle the next day, prepare for meetings and get an early night in readiness for all this activity. 

So, last week I decided to take the same approach to my current ‘job’:

My negative self was whispering in my ear that there was no point doing fun things as Mini Mck would get bored with them after such a short space of time and would get filthy in the process. 

I silenced this ‘glass half empty’ talk by telling myself that it didn’t matter how long he did them, he would still enjoy himself and clothes, hands and faces can all be washed. 

So, we spent last Wednesday morning with no TV and instead we played in the sand, kicked the ball in the garden, read books, went to the park and the shops and spent a happy 10 minutes closing and opening the bathroom door. 

I was right, he did get filthy,so did the kitchen floor, and he only lasted a short time doing each thing, meaning that by nap-time, I was exhausted, but really proud of myself. 

I had managed to hang some washing out and clear the breakfast things, but other than that I had spent the morning focused on being a Mum and enjoying my son for the first time in ages.

Since then our days have included singing group, painting, swimming, lots more reading and our new favourite thing to do, baking. The TV has been on, but much less and only for me to do something specific, such as get our lunch or get us ready to leave the house.

I shan’t pretend that everything is now perfect. Mini Mck is certainly going through a bit of a grouchy stage, possibly connected to new teeth; the root of all evil. Thursday was a difficult day, with him not only wanting me to be in the same room but to pick him up constantly, but generally things have been better. 

I am still knackered by the end of the day, but no more so than when I was just showing up in body but not in spirit and at least now I go to bed knowing I’ve done my best.

Which just goes to back up the wisdom that the more you put in, the more you get out.


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