I grew them both.

What is it about parents and there tendency to take photos of their children eating food? We all seem to do it and the photo represents so much more than you may, at first, see. To any objective observer it is simply a messy child, with few table manners cramming as much food in their mouth as they can. 

However, when I look at this picture I feel relief that Mini Mck is finally eating a wider range of foods and particularly fruit and vegetables. Being responsible for every bit of nourishment that your child gets can be a tricky business, one that makes the days of breastfeeding seem quite easy and stress free. For the first six months of their lives you know that their diet is completely balanced and healthy, after that it is a little more difficult. 

I also feel proud, knowing we grew that Corn and that a few hours before it had still been on the plant. Nothing added (well, perhaps a smidge of butter) and nothing taken away, just steamed and eaten. Growing our own food seems to have totally turned around his desire to try new things. This summer he has picked and eaten radishes, raspberries, plums, blueberries and currants of any colour.

Finally I feel joy that he is clearly enjoying himself. I love the way that babies tackle their food with such, all encompassing, enthusiasm. They truly experience food. My friend always comments that he is very medieval about his food and I think that sums it up perfectly. 

This post was written for The Gallery using the prompt ‘Food’. See the other entries at Sticky Fingers, there will be tons of them, but I promise they will be worth looking at. Grab a cuppa and spend a couple of hours looking at some great posts. 


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