Writing it out

I have written for more than half my life, not in a productive, writing my best-selling novel in the attic kind of way but, more in a blurting my thoughts into a journal way. It is therapy, the muddle that goes on in my mind is calmed and ordered by writing it out. It is a necessity and after so many years usually comes so naturally to me.

Until this year, when I started this blog, no-one had ever read these thoughts and now a handful of people do, which, dear readers, I feel both grateful and amazed. Having people read your writing is a scary thing, but far more rewarding than I ever imagined. I’ve continued with the journal, albeit not as regularly. To be honest I am far more grumpy and needy than I would let on here and so the deepest darkest thoughts end up where no-one can read them.

So, when you use writing as therapy, what do you do when the urge just leaves you? 

The need for the therapeutic benefits hasn’t disappeared, the thoughts still whir around my head, but at the moment they have no outlet. In fact, at the moment I have lots going on that would probably be better out than in and if not here, then certainly somewhere. 

The blog has been left to whither and my journal hasn’t been opened for weeks. Suddenly I am uninspired to pick up the pen. Too tired and too much going on, together with not knowing where to start again means I am stuck. 

Until now…….and already, as my fingers simply type my thoughts, without too much care and attention, my shoulders feel lighter, my head feels clearer and it does feel natural and it does feel right.

Let it not be so long next time.


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