Pulling my socks up with some help from Playskool

Recently I’ve been making huge efforts to keep Mini Mck entertained. After realising that we’d got stuck in a rut and that I wasn’t living up to my side of the bargain as a Stay at Home Mum, I knew some things needed to change. Hence, less blogging and more baking, trips to the park, painting and snuggling on the sofa reading books. 

Another part of my plans was to invest in a few new toys, put some of the old ones away and then rotate them every now and again. It had got to the point where the his current stash had just become like wallpaper to him, not noticed, not played with. 

Luckily this was also the week that Playskool contacted us and asked if we’d like to try one of their toys, perfect timing, we chose the Playskool, Ball ‘n’ Gear Centre. Coincidentally, the weekend before, I bought the Playskool Clippo Hippo. 

Both of these toys have been a real hit with Mini Mck. The thing that has impressed me about both toys is that there is much more to them than first meets the eye. 

The Ball ‘n’ Gear Centre has cogs that can be stacked and made to turn each other (and flung across the room), balls that can be put through different holes (and flung across the room), buttons to make things turn and cogs that turn the face on the front. 

It does play music which is one of my personal pet hates, for obvious reasons, however, even this is not a problem, as it has an OFF switch and everything works the same without the music. In fact, in an attempt to prevent Mini Mck being tempted by the music I haven’t even put batteries in it!! What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. 

The Clippo Hippo is more than just bricks to put together. The bricks go inside the hippo and so putting them in the mouth and taking them back out of the top is a game in itself, plus the hippo pushes along on wheels, another one of Mini Mck’s favourite things to do. However the best thing to do with Clippo’s is make them into plastic BLT sandwiches and pretend to eat them. Hours of fun, it never gets old, really, it doesn’t.

All in all both toys have been a real success.

If you’d like to update your toy stash or even get some early Christmas shopping done then Playskool are offering 50% cashback to you if you spend £20 on Playskool items before the end of October, just follow the link

This is a sponsored post for which I was sent the Playskool Ball ‘n’ Gear Centre worth £24.99.


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