Mummy Limited is expanding

There is a reason that I’ve been quiet on the blogging front recently. Blogging, for me, is about sharing what is going on in my life and for the last few weeks I’ve not been able to share my life with you. I can’t blog about things for the sake of it and honestly something has been consuming my thoughts. I can’t wait any longer and so I’ve decided to share it anyway, even if it is a little early.

In approximately 30 weeks our little family will become four. I will be responsible for a baby AND a 2 year old. *faints*

I realise that in these situations it’s traditional to wait until a healthy 12 week scan, but I’ve done that before and can honestly say that the pain you feel is not helped by the fact that you’ve kept your news secret. After this week’s said news about Lily Allen I figured, why not just share this with friends and many of you have become my friends. Besides if anything goes wrong I will want to share that here, in my space, too.

Due to my history of recurrent miscarriages I have been for an early, extra scan at nine weeks and we were able to see a very wiggly baby with arms wiggling and, according to the doctor, everything looked really healthy. 

So, we are keeping everything crossed, whilst I struggle with crippling tiredness and nausea that is far worse than any I’ve experienced before. It’s a constant reminder that there are plenty of pregnancy hormones rushing around my body and that I’m growing a person, but it does make day to day life, especially with a toddler quite a challenge.

I warn you now, I am a rather grumpy pregnant person, but will try to share both the good and the bad with you and for now the news is good.

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