Christmas Cards, toddler style.

On of my favourite bloggers, Chris at Thinly Spread is impressing us all with her fantastic Festive Friday ideas and inviting everyone else to do the same. If you haven’t visited her blog before please take a look. It is gorgeous to look at and beautifully written. 

Christmas preparations are well under way in the Limited house. The cake and pudding have both been made and for the first time ever all my cards were written in the first week of December. This is the only benefit to having a cold AND being pregnant, as it is a job you can do with your feet up whilst watching Christmas films. 

I thought it would be nice for Mini Mck to make some cards for close family and his Godparents and as he is only 20 months hand painting is about as far as we’ve got in the past. 

Whenever we do craft activities I want him to be able to do as much of it as possible, with little interference from me, otherwise it can just become a stressful battle, or I just feel silly that, in fact, I’ve made it, rather than him.

So, with a little help from me, we created these hand-print Christmas Trees and Father Christmas’ cards. 

All you need to make these, slightly abstract, images is some cotton wool, googly eyes, glitter, gold stars, paint and a toddler who loves to make a mess. 

We started with our usual card making trick of hand-prints on folded card. 

To make them festive we added star stickers, cotton wool and glitter. Mini Mck asked for help with the eyes but eventually got the hang of sticking them on. Can you guess which he did? He was able to put the glue on and stick the cotton wool, with a little help and together we poured glitter.

I love them and I’m sure the Grandparents will too.

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