Christmas cornflake wreaths

I must be coming out of the first trimester haze of tiredness and nausea, as when MckDaddy mentioned on Tuesday that it was his school’s Christmas Fayre this week, the thought of pottering about in the kitchen making some pretty Christmas sweet things didn’t sounded quite appealing. 

I chose Nigella’s Christmas Cornflake Wreaths, as they looked as it they didn’t need much cooking, would be fun to decorate and I thought they would appeal to the kids.

In fact, it turned out that they were quite fiddly to mould as the mixture is so sticky. Nigella recommends making three and then decorating. I would suggest doing one and then decorating and also keep a bowl of hot water as a finger bowl.

You will need: 

100g butter
200g mini marshmallows
1/2 tsp almond extract
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
250g cornflakes
50g sesame seeds (optional) 
Christmas sprinkles

Melt the butter and in a pan and add the marshmallows, stirring until all melted and smooth. 
Take off the heat and stir in vanilla and almond extracts
Mix in cornflakes and sesame seeds. 
Scoop out some mixture (about the size of a small satsuma) and mold into a circle about 6cm wide. Make a hole in the middle
Leave to set for at least 2 hours. 

from Nigella Christmas

To be honest, when they were finished I thought they looked like decorated onion rings but they were met with a WOW from Mckdaddy so I guess they hit the spot.

Go to Thinly Spread’s Festive Friday to see some great Christmas ideas that don’t look like fried savoury snacks!


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