One year on

A year ago, on a snowy Friday, I mentioned to Mckdaddy that I was thinking of starting a blog. Many of my ‘mum’ friends were finishing their maternity leave and I finally felt that I could carve out some time and brain power to do something that was just for me, something that would make me more that just a mum. Before I had the chance to change my mind, he had helped me set up blogger and I was ready to go. 

A year ago my son wasn’t even crawling, walking or talking. Now he can tell me what book he wants to read, draw, choose his lunch, run, jump (nearly), dance, make a joke, help me bake. 

A year ago the idea of another baby was a million miles away, after all I still had a baby, now at 20 weeks pregnant, it seems so close.

A year ago I didn’t know that: 

  • People would actually read my words and like them enough to leave comments
  • The thought “this would make a good blog post” would pop into my head at least once a day
  • I would suddenly be interested in photos and want to take them simply for putting on the blog.
  • I would be brave enough to read one of my posts to other bloggers at the BMB Christmas Lunch.
  • I would find Twitter and find that I LOVE it and frankly, become quite the addict. 
  • I would read blogs with such great writing that they would make me laugh, cry and nod in agreement.
  • I would get involved with Blognonymous, which has been a great success thanks to all our supporters, contributors and the rest of the Blognonymous collective.
  • I would make friends, real friends, that have become more than just an anonymous people on the computer but real.
  • That writing for the public eye would be such a rewarding and therapeutic experience
  • That I would grow to love my blog and the blogging community so much. 

So, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read, comment or tweet this past year. I really do appreciate it and hope to continue to give you something worth returning to.


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