The Gallery: Daylight Moon

I love to see the moon during the day. It is as if we are being given a sneak preview of that evening’s show. 

Today, as I was enjoying a peaceful cup of tea and wondering how much longer it would be before the toddler’s nap was over, I glanced out of the window to see this. 

As soon as I saw the moon I knew that tonight’s display was going to be stunning. The sky has been clear all day and was still not ruined by clouds and the moon was at it’s fullest. Heavy and pregnant in the daylight sky. 

Ten minutes later the sky was slightly darker and the moon just a little brighter, but I had a screaming child on my lap. The Devil Mummy in me was thinking “Please calm down, so I can go outside and take a photo of the moon, before it’s too late”. The Angel Mummy in me advised me to stay put, which I did and so missed the shot. 

To see more examples of ‘Mother Nature’ visit The Gallery at Sticky Fingers, prepare to be blown away by some fantastic words and pictures. 


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