365 Days

About nine years ago, before I’d even heard of Twitter or hashtags, I got my first digital camera and decided that I would like to take a photo every day for a year. It was my New Year’s Resolution and lasted two weeks. 

I’ve never attempted it since, fearful that I will simply fail again. Of course, now, due to the wonder of blogging and twitter I’ve heard of #project365 and as the New Year started I saw some fabulous entries from my blogging friends

The pressure of feeling that I must take a photo every day still made me reluctant to give it a go but was persuaded by Heather at Young & Younger that with an iPhone it was really easy to post them to the Posterous site.

It occurred to me that a lot is going to change this year. With a new baby on the way and MM approaching two years old, there will be much to document. I also decided that this would be a good way of making me take some photos that are not of my children, it would encourage me to look further and to see more. 

So, I’m giving it a go, with the promise to myself that I shall not mind missing a day or two and this shouldn’t make me feel like I should give up.

You can follow my Project 365 photos at Posterous and I would love it if you’d drop by. If you are taking part, leave me a link in the comments as I’d love to see what you’re snapping.

My favourite shot….so far

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