The Gallery – Children – A Day at the Beach

From the moment that Mini Mck was born everyone has said how much like his father he is. My family, particularly Mckdaddy’s family tell me that he is a Mini Daddy. 

Of course, I can see the similarities, the way that Mini Mck puts his hands on his knees and bends double when he is really laughing, the way he looks when he sleeps, the way he frowns are ALL exactly like his Dad.

I desperately search for those tiny details that show I have had some hand in his creation, my bottom lip, the shape of his eyes and have pointed these out to people. This is usually met with a vague “Mmmmmm”. 

However, there are some things that you cannot argue against and photographic evidence is one of those things. When MckGrandad first showed me this photo, it quite simply took my breath away. It could have been my son, but it wasn’t, it was a different boy, enjoying a day at the beach thirty-seven years earlier.


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