A short list of things I’ve learnt this week.

By blogging a regular list of things she has learned each week, as she travels the world with her family, Victoria has inadvertently got me thinking along the same lines and I’m not the only one. You can find more learnings by Heather, Jen and Kelly.

Here are 10 things I have learnt this week: 

  1. The frequency with which a toddler wishes to be carried is directly proportional to the size of their mothers pregnant bump. The bigger the bump, the more often they wish to be carried. 
  2. All Grandmothers comment on the warmth/hunger/tiredness of their grandchildren and all mothers find this annoying. (I’d like to thank the 3 generations of females I saw in John Lewis for teaching me this)
  3. If you get totally absorbed taking photos on the way to singing group you may find, that not only are you late but, you have also trodden in dog poo.
  4. If you write about something that you are worried about, you find that lots of others have experienced the same thing and you feel loads better.
  5. DHL delivery drivers can actually be really helpful and leave their mobile number when you are out so that they can return later in the day with your parcel.
  6. Postman Pat’s cat, Jess, is actually a boy.
  7. Never go anywhere without your bottle of Gaviscon if you are 23 weeks pregnant.
  8. Drinking lots of water really does make you feel less tired.
  9. Drinking lots of water while pregnant results in, approximately, one trip to the toilet every hour.
  10. You only realise how much you love something when it’s gone, this can apply to Breadmakers as well as good friends.
Have you learned anything this week?

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