The Gallery: Horizon shape

This week I have seen shapes everywhere, thanks to Tara Cain’s mind burrowing Gallery. In the house they are obvious, with a toddler here we are surrounded by primary coloured cubes, cylinders and pyramids.

Every time I thought about what to post my mind kept coming back to one particular shape of one particular building. 

This is iconic for me, not only, is it on nearly every horizon as we walk around our beautiful and small city, but it has been a ubiquitous symbol for it since I was small, used by shops and and companies to give their business a sense of place. 

It peeks through buildings and alleyways and can be seen from every hill around, even though there aren’t too many of those. No matter where you go it seems you can always see this pyramid spire. It is statuesque, yet charming, not only up close but as a shape on the horizon. 


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