The Gallery: I Love Tuesdays

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The thought of Tuesdays always makes me a little nervous, but I am beginning to realise that I love Tuesdays. We have nothing to do on a Tuesday. We don’t go shopping, or go to any groups, or tend to meet up with friends and so Tuesdays can be lived by our own schedule. We don’t have to be anywhere at a particular time and we have nothing that we have to do. 

Obviously, this leaves a full day to fill, which is not always easy with a toddler, but it pushes me to make an effort, for both our sakes. Today, we were blessed with the most beautiful, sunny day, meaning that being outside was top of our agenda. 

On Tuesdays we have time to take a walk down the track to watch the trains and a boy always needs his cat on such adventures….

….We have time go to the park

and because Mini Mck can now do the slide completely on his own I can…

…sit on a bench….

….and lift my face to feel the warmth of the sun.

On a Tuesday, no-one is watching us so we can 

have lemon curd sandwiches for lunch, 

make cakes…

…and, of course, eat them.

At 5pm the sky was still light and I could rush outside to catch the pink glow on the cottages.

The usual bedtime routine….

….is over in time for The Archers

and a well earned rest….

So you see, having nothing to do is great and Tuesdays really are brilliant.


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