The Gallery: Never lets you down

Choosing just one ‘Simple Pleasure’ for Tara Cain’s Gallery, over at Sticky Fingers, isn’t easy, there are so many possibilities. However, there is one that will never let me down. It quite simply, always delivers.

Every day should start with one. It will get you through the hard times and I have written about how in my darkest moments I’ve been held together with cups of tea. However, it is equally welcome in my best cups and saucers, accompanying smoked salmon sandwiches and homemade cakes, with two cackly, long-time, not seen enough, friends.
It provides a pause in the afternoon, when toys have been scattered all around and the marathon of dinner, bath and bed loom before me. 
I could bore you with how to make a perfect cup, but my perfect cup wouldn’t be yours anyway. I admit I am an addict. I couldn’t give it up. It would be my luxury if I were ever on Desert Island Discs.
It is my simple pleasure.

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