The Gallery: Tomorrow

A test from the Gallery Master, Tara, this week, in the form of the prompt ‘Tomorrow’. Strangely as soon as I read the prompt I knew what I wanted to write about. Finding the right image was a little more difficult. 

I have been thinking an awful lot about our tomorrows, in fact I think of and plan for little else at the moment. In a matter of weeks our world will change all over again, with a new person to get used to and get to know. Soon my days will bear little resemblance to the comfortable routine that Mini Mck and I have fallen into. 

As I watch him make his own way in the world or share a special moment with him, thoughts skim across it about how his tomorrows are going to change in the biggest way he has ever known. Soon, he will need to share his toys, his house and most of all his Mum and Dad. 

We spend our time preparing our home, ourselves and our son for this new tomorrow, not knowing exactly when it will be and as I feel this baby move inside me, with a strength that increases every day, it feels as if our tomorrows are here already, but they are not. Until I hold this child in my arms, safely delivered and healthy I cannot fully breath.

Tomorrow is something new and unknown, you are not able to touch it or see it, you must simply prepare this movable feast as best you can and await it’s arrival and that is very much how I feel about life just now.

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