A baby-led staple – Rachel’s Organics Review

I am not really sure where my sanity would have been if Mini Mck had decided he didn’t like yoghurt.

Mini Mck was weaned using a Baby-Led approach, meaning we didn’t purée food or spoon feed him, allowing him to discover and explore different food and textures at his own pace. This pace hasn’t always been to my liking and sometimes I felt he would never do more than throw his food and eat a few firm favourites.

Gradually, thanks to an awful lot of patience most of our meals now pass with little fuss, although I would like it if he ate more protein and tried new things, but I keep putting them on his plate anyway. We are finding that allowing him to be involved in the preparation of the food helps, for example making pizzas and fajitas together is a real winner. I have learnt not to fret about how much he eats. He is a bit of a grazer and so the amount he is eating can seem small, but he is growing and in proportion and healthy.

There have been times though when I have really worried about how much he is eating, but one thing I know is always going to go down well is yoghurt. So, when the lovely people at Rachel’s Organics offered to send us some goodies I couldn’t resist.

We received a pack of My First Yoghurts, which were pretty much what you’d expect from a baby yoghurt, with the added bonus of a banana flavour for my banana addicted boy and a pack of Taste Explorer’s. These were basically the same as the the first, smooth, thick and creamy, but with some different flavour combinations. My only criticism, which applies to most yoghurt marketed at babies, is that they state they are suitable from 4 months and the current up to date health advice is not to start your baby on solids until 6 months. This is really a general food labelling bug bear of mine to be honest, but would love it if organic companies would lead the way on changing this.

Thankfully the Taste Explorer Rice Pudding is labelled as suitable from 6 months and coincidentally Mckdaddy and I had been saying we thought Mini Mck would love Rice Pudding and it would be a nice thing to have in store for a treat or when we fancy a pudding. There were some of these included in our hamper and as it is one of my favourite things, Mini Mck was lucky to get some. However, for the purposes of review and for your benefit dear readers I did share them give them to him. I think it would be safe to say that our Mini Reviewer gave them a big thumbs up.

I think it would be hard to find a baby or toddler household that doesn’t have a supply of yoghurt in the fridge. They are easy, quick, popular and great for little hands to learn how to use a spoon. Just look at how much better Mini Mck has got at this particular skill.

I shall let you know what we created with the adult samples in a seperate post and will include some recipes for you to try out for yourself.

Disclosure: We were sent a hamper of various Rachel’s Organics yoghurts and desserts in return for a review. All the words in this post are my own and represent my (and Mini Mck’s) honest opinion.


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