A Good Day

Today has been a good day. I am still ending it feeling tired and in need of my bed, trying to scrape together the energy and motivation to finish off those menial tasks that will help make tomorrow an easier day, but nevertheless today has been a good day.

I spent much of it with a lovely, understanding friend. The kind of friend that knows you inside out and you can simply be yourself with, even if that self is a little bit grumpy and moany. Although after a short while with such a person you don’t feel so grumpy. The kind of friend who has already been there and done that and so knows just how tiring a toddler can be and how much harder it is when you are 8 months pregnant with your next child.

We spent our time chatting, listening to our boys screaming with laughter at something in the playroom. It sounded boisterous and manic, but amazingly didn’t end with anyone in tears. They are only four months apart and played together really well all morning. They are both strong-willed and can be a handful, so it was lovely to see them working things out for themselves.

We discussed baby names as she pushed both the boys on the swings, she didn’t baulk at any of them and she generally let me sit down while making sure Mini Mck had something to play with and something to eat.

On our way home Mini Mck and I played music from ‘Glee’ loudly and sang. We stopped at the allotment to pick the first baby spinach of the season. Mini Mck told me he had to be careful not to stand on Daddy’s plants or any stinging nettles. We looked at the chickens in the plot opposite and yet he came away without complaint.

When we arrived home I was greeted by this…..

Beautifully made by a lovely friend, who must’ve read my mind. We had a blanket/fleece for Mini Mck that we used lots, but it wasn’t really to my taste. As I was sorting baby stuff this week I came across it and decided I would get another that I did like.  Now, I don’t have to and the fact that this has been made for us makes it extra special.

So, today has been a good day and now I’m going to make sure it ends that way by turning off the laptop before I get too tired to read my book and go to sleep early, hoping tomorrow will be just as good.


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