Can you see the Fairy Dust?

As an ex-bank manager I’m pretty good at budgeting throughout the month. We pay our household expenses from a joint account but both Mckdaddy and I like to have our own money and so each month we both get a certain amount of pocket money to do what we like with. His mainly goes on wine and snacks and mine is frittered away on coffee, cake and magazines.

However, each week I do try to squirrel some of my pocket money away to save for those luxurious things that, when I had a well-paid career, I would buy without thinking, such as luxurious beauty products, a manicure or some frivolous clothes purchase. Recently though we have had to tighten our financial belts and my rainy day fund is being saved for baby things, holiday things or most boring of all Car Tax.

So imagine my delight when the lovely Fairy Hobmother from Appliances Online contacted me, after I’d left a comment on Kate’s blog Witwitwoo, to offer me a gift from Amazon. Appliances Online sell a range of applicances including washing machines, dishwashers and some gorgeous range cookers that I can only dream of owning and the Fairy Hobmother has been bestowing lovely gifts on lots of bloggers.

I knew I wanted to choose something that was totally for me. Something that wasn’t practical or boring but a treat. I went for these gorgeous Mama Mio products. They are fabulous and smell gorgeous. The only downside is that they are small and I love them so much I can see myself re-stocking

So, thank you Fairy Hobmother for making my day. The good news for you lovely Mummy Limited readers is that his magic wand is still working. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and you may get a lovely e-mail too. Go on, make a wish, tell me what you would like to receive.


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