The Silver Lining

I have made no secret of my dislike of pregnancy and all it’s horrid side effects. The raging hormones are at the top of the list but the early sickness, general tiredness and indigestion that you feel you are going to keel over from come in a pretty close second. It really does feel like a Nine-Month Cloud.

However, as I get towards the end of the longest nine months EVER (and yes, I realise that my moaning must have made them seem pretty long for you too) I have begun to see some silver lining to that cloud, just a few rather nice side effects and am focussing on these to keep my spirits up.

1) My skin is totally spot free and tans easily so I look thing as if I’ve spent 2 weeks in the Carribean. However, it does mean that people seem to think I’ve been sitting in my garden for hours on end which I assure you I haven’t.

2) I can wear clothes that are tight around the middle. Usually the worst part of my figure is my too large and definitely flabby tummy, but at the moment it is a pregnant belly so therefore totally acceptable to show off. Such a nice change.

3) For some reason when I am pregnant I don’t crave junk food. In fact, once again, my diet is probably better than usual and seeing as my biggest craving is ice, I am drinking tons of water. Of course I still consider cake to be a food group on it’s own when I am pregnant and breastfeeding but other than that I am putting all good stuff in.

4) My boobs have grown. I think they are planning to stage their own lunar eclipse. I wasn’t sure this next one was a benefit, but a quick twitter survey confirmed I should be pleased. Also from a totally non-appearance perspective it feels good to see them getting ready for the tough job that is ahead of them. It is reassuring

I really wanted to get to 5, these things are always in fives aren’t they? I’m afraid I can’t and yes, I know that most of them are shallow and based purely on appearance, but look back at my other pregnancy posts, the fact that I am seeing any positives is a huge step forward.

While I’m in this positive frame of mind, tell me what I’ve been missing. What did you love about being pregnant?


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